Trout Egg Farm Close to Production

Twin Falls


By Benito Baeza

Spring water flows from the side of Rock Creek Canyon into hatchery raceways that hold fish.
The water is perfect for a fish hatchery.
"Spring water and its pure, its really good water temperature is the biggest thing, our water temperature here runs 54 degrees all year round."
says Wally McRoberts, the general manager for this trout egg operation. Washington based company Troutlodge LLC bought it earlier this year. The hatchery started back in the 1940's but Troutlodge is pretty much rebuilding everything. And they are pretty close to production.
McRoberts says "we'll be doing about 10 percent of the companies egg production here eventually when we get everything built."
They’ll start out supplying eggs to local hatcheries and eventually to all the United States.
The Washington facility supplies trout eggs to 60 countries.
It takes a lot of time and money to raise fish eggs and there is big demand for the business says McRoberts.
"it fills a big world wide niche cause its an expensive endeavor for a lot of these smaller hatcheries to do an egg production."

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