Fire Scenario

Woodriver Valley


By S Casey

Six Blaine County fire agencies along with theBLM and Forest Service took over the neighborhoods of Croy Canyon in Hailey.
The scenario was fire crews responding to a brush fire at 46 Willow Creek Road. With radios – 100 firefighters – thirty engines and one helicopter —– crews walked around homes and assessed the movement of the mock fire with the understanding there were many structures in the area.
Tom White, captain Wood River Fire and Rescue says "We practice deploying our resources and setting up a command center and integrating all the different agencies to effectively protect the homes and manage the fire."
When the Castle Rock fire threatened hundreds of homes last year – fire crews used the skills they learned fighting the blaze and applied them into this simulation.
White says "And certainly did help us organize the event and have clearer ideas, objectives and goals of what we need to improve on."
White says each year they pick a different location within Blaine County.
The neighbors were given notice they were conducting the drill a couple of weeks ago.
"Most of them know they live in an Interface zone and they were more than happy to have crews come in and get familiar around the house and it's just going to be more efficient if we get a call out here."
Brittany Cooper – KMVT news.

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