A Local Car Makes It Into The National Spotlight

Twin Falls


By Benito Baeza

Twin Falls will make the national spot light in a small way, and one local car enthusiast helped put it there.
When George Mckovich restored this 1957 Chrysler 300, he didn't think millions of people would be able to see it across the nation.
Today the US Postal Service unveiled its next in a series of stamps featuring Mckovich's car.
Mckovich says, "The artist, Art Fitzpatrick contacted me the Chrysler 300 club which I’m a member of. He was looking fro a 57 Chrysler to put on the stamp and they sent out an e-mail to everyone and I responded and he asked me if I had a picture, i sent him a picture and within about an hour he e-mailed me back and said that's the car I wanted."
Mckovich said he knew about the project since 2005 but had to keep it hush hush until now.
The new stamps are the second issue of the American on the move series which features 5 other cars. This one just happens to call Twin Falls home.
Bill Reece says, "I thought that was really good thing for the Twin Falls community, I thought it would be real interesting for our community to have a local car on a stamp that's going out nation wide its going to be on millions of stamps."
The new series of stamps are called 50's fins and chrome. obviously this rare Chrysler is a perfect example from the time period that comes with a punch.
Mckovich says, "It’s got a hemispheric, what they call a hemi-engine in it. Two 4-barrell carbs and 375 horses and that the way they came stock from the factory."
Mckovich says it took him about 4 years with a lot of help from friends and family to restore this red beauty.
The stamps are now available at any us-post office.
Mckovich says, "It’s probably the ultimate thrill I guess. I never would have imagined, it'll be here long after I am."
Benito Baeza KMVT news.

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