Local Man Recovering After Brutal Beating

Twin Falls


By S Casey

The Dean at the College of Southern Idaho's son is speaking to KMVT for the first time after a brutal beating this past September.
Graydon Stanley says, "Every minute, every day after that was a miracle things just keep getting better and better."
The Stanley family says they are lucky their 22 year old son graham is still alive.
Graham and one of his friends were targeted for unknown reasons in early September in Tempe, Arizona just a couple of miles away from the Arizona State University campus.
Graham Stanley says, "Me and my buddy from Boise who was visiting me at the time were walking home actually, we had taken a cab just a couple blocks away from my house and we were walking and some guys drove by turned around in the middle of the street decided that we looked susceptible I guess and beat us up."
Graham's father Graydon Stanley heard about the incident from a friend and police detective who didn't have much information so he then called the hospital to find out what happened.
Graydon Stanley says, "When I called the hospital she gave me four pieces of information that Graham was in critical condition that he was on life support that he has bleeding in the brain and that his vital signs were good."
Graham says he woke up in the hospital bed five days after the brutal attack and saw 72 staples on his head and realize he had just had brain surgery.
He says recovery has been difficult but he is starting to get his life back together even though he is still feeling the affects.
Graham says, "I still don't have any feeling in my face. I still don't have feeling in my head, but other that that it is good to be here."
Graham says the biggest reason why he has made such a quick recovery is because he is so determined to get his life back to normal.
In fact just a month after the beating he went back to school and finished the semester at Arizona State.
He says he is now ready for graduation in May and then hopes get a job in tourism development management.

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