Good Times for Canal Company

Twin Falls


By J. Michaels

Twin Falls Canal Company has about 49 hundred stockholders.
This year, Twin Falls was the first canal company to do a full scale trial of the aquatic herbicide cascade, which proved surprisingly effective in battling moss in the canals.
Brian Olmstead, general manager of the Twin Falls Canal Company says “And at the diluted rate, it's safe for fish, for frogs, for insects, you can swim in it if you want to. It has received the full nationwide label from EPA, so we won't be the only ones using it this year.”
Olmstead says that last year Twin Falls Canal Company was able to deliver three–fourths of an inch all irrigation season long.
Right now the upper Snake River Basin Reservoir system is already 73 percent full.
But the snow pack is roughly 60 percent of average.
Michael Beus, water operations manager for th Bureau of Reclamation says “On the other side, snow pack is really low. And in the middle, we have pretty fair base flows. Base flows are probably more important to Twin Falls Canal Company stockholders than any other part of their water supply.”
Manager Olmstead says thanks to his predecessors – the Twin Falls Canal Company is in good financial shape this year.
Their income is up just over $400,000 thanks to reduced costs related to the water call adjudication process.
Rick Richter, a certified public accountant says “Income in particular is consistent year to year, and expenses are down slightly, which had made for a nice increase in the bottom line of the canal company this year.”

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