Public's Help Needed to Catch Fire Truck Vandals

N. Shoshone


By B. Cooper

This 2009 pierce truck was purchased by the Shoshone City and Rural Fire Department last august.
The truck is geared to fight brush and structure fires.
It doesn't help capabilities when a bag of sand and concrete mix was poured into the truck.
Ellis Gooch, commissioner, Shoshone City & Rural Fire Department "They started having trouble with the truck pumping; got to looking and started flushing the truck and they found it."
The truck valued at more than 260–thousand dollars, was purchased with the help of a FEMA 'Aid to Firefighters' grant that provided 95% of the funding.
The rest came from general funds.
While the incident of vandalism to the truck only cost 500–dollars, it could have been worse.
"If it had clogged the pump or settled in the pump, it could have destroyed the pump, could be life threatening to firefighters and structures."
Gooch says an exterior light on the side of the station also saw damage and a large rock was dropped into a 12–foot pump well.
Now, they've put a lid on the well with a padlock attached.
They reported the incident to law enforcement, But, kept quiet to the public about it in case the act of vandalism happened again.
Nothing turned up, so they're asking for help.
The commissioners put out a $2,000 dollar reward for conviction.
If you have information call the Lincoln County Sheriff's office.

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