Watch for Bee Swarms

Twin Falls


By R. Giffoni

With the spring weather and the blooming flowers, we'll start to see more honey bee swarms.
Bees swarm as one colony becomes too full – and they leave to start their own hive.
They’ll swarm in a big ball with the new queen in the middle and wait while scout bees search for a new home.
One common question asked about bees is – do we have to worry about killer bees here in Idaho?
Beekeeper Kirk Tubbs says – it's just too cold here!
"Worst case scenario, if one did come up here – hitched a ride on a truck and get here – they're a tropical bee, the Africanized bees are. They don't store honey like the European honey bees have, so in the winter, they die."
Tubbs says honey bee swarms are pretty full of nectar and are usually not too aggressive.
If you see one, call a local beekeeper, who will collect them for you.

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