Changing Time for Teachers

Twin Falls


By J. Michaels

There’s been no shortage of teachers and other school employees saying they're finally done with their school–related careers this spring.
21 employees retired from the Twin Falls School District last week – one of them after more than 30 years.
MaryLu Barry, a retiring educator says “And it was common that we would teach and we would teach and we would test. And we'd give the student a grade and that was it. And today we look at why the student scored the way he did on a test, and then we change our instruction.”
Barry says teachers are more accountable for the students' learning and performance now.
She says what hasn't changed is that teachers still need to develop relationships with students – and encourage them to succeed academically.
Berry says “I think technology has added a dimension to teaching that we didn't deal with many years ago. I can't give instant feedback like computer games and technology programs can.”
Barry says these days’ students seem to learn best with a combination of traditional face to face teaching and modern technology aided methods.
Another educator says state budget cutbacks will cause teachers to be creative in instructing their students.
Cathy Reinke, 3rd grade teacher “Continue, and it will probably be a lot harder. Because as the finances are cut back, we end up having to do more. So yeah, it adds to our work level.”

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