Day 2 Sarah Johnson in Court

Twin Falls


By Jay Michaels

In day two of Sarah Johnson's attempt to get a new trial – those who were in the courtroom today paid close attention to a recording – that was tough to listen to.
Defense Attorney Christopher Simms played a two and a half hour long DVD – from the recording of the Idaho State Trooper – who was the first person to respond to the scene at the house of Alan and Diane Johnson, just before 6:30am on September second, 2003.
Sheriff Walt Femling of Blaine County, was one of the witnesses called “came down the hallway just outside the master bedroom, there was part of a skullcap that was in the hallway. There was some actual brain matter on the far wall of Sarah’s room. i noticed that the door to the master bedroom was propped open with a pillow. And there was literally blood from the ceilings to the walls to all over their carpet. just a very gruesome scene.”
Femling says initially investigators thought the deaths of Alan and Diane Johnson may have been a murder – suicide.
But he said what the crime scene told him – didn't add up with what Sarah Johnson had said.
Femling as he looked into the Johnson's bathroom – he saw a chest high bullet hole that went straight into the tile on the bathroom wall.
He says he also saw a rifle with blood on it in the doorway of the bathroom.
Sarah Johnson wept quietly in court – as she listened to the recording of police officers while they were investigating the scene where her parents died.

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