Holiday Calories

Twin Falls


By Michelle Costa

The holidays are here and that means plenty of time to get together and enjoy lots of meals.
But have you ever wondered exactly how many calories you've consumed in one single meal?
It's everyone favorite pastime gathering around the table for the holiday meal but now a days the feast keeps getting bigger and that means people are eating more calories then they probably realize.
Damian Houle, trainer with Gold’s Gym "it's a time to have fun and be with your family so nobody is worrying about counting the calories in a meal."
First up the meat. Ham racks up 95 calories. Then the pork loin, which takes home about 60 calories.
We move on to the side dishes, like broccoli salad hitting around 50 calories and cranberry sauce at 45.
Other sources of hidden calories, what you're drinking. One glass of eggnog.. can add up to around 350 calories!
Houle says "watch your portions.. everything is okay in moderation.. just don't go overboard.. don't eat the whole pie... have a piece."
"take a walk after you eat with your family and you don't have to come to the gym, but be active and keep your metabolism going and be a little mindful and you'll keep yourself in line down the road."

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