Jerome Jail Inspection



By J. Michaels

In a earlier report on KMVT we informed you the Jerome County Jail didn't pass the annual inspection by the Idaho Sheriff's Association last month.
Every three months one of the Jerome County commissioners inspects the jail as well to see how the jailers are 'making do' with what they have.
In one case two inmates are bedded down in the library room after jailers were forced to eliminate four beds.
Jerome County Commissioner Charlie Howell says “Even though we've redone some of the showers and the toilets, those have not been adequate, so we're gonna have to redo those again. The facility is still very clean, well taken care of, with what we have. But it's the same issue, overcrowding.”
Commissioner Howell says the jail has had the same problems for the last ten years.
He says emergency personnel can't get in and out of many of the cells with stretchers, which means the jail doesn't meet 'life safety' standards, either.

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