Rock Creek Bridge Close to Completion

Twin Falls


By Jay Michaels

Magic Valley drivers are one step closer to getting a major east/west road back, which should also make getting through Twin Falls easier for truckers.
Everybody who used to use pole line road to get from Twin Falls to Filer and Buhl are in for a big time Christmas present this year.
The Twin Falls Alternate Route was years in the planning.
The project called for widening Pole Line Road – and linking it with Highway 93 at 2400 East Road.
The project got under way last fall, and it could be done shortly after thanksgiving.
Devin Rigby, district engineer with ITD says “The paving is going to be finished around the middle of November. But by the time they get all the signs and everything else up, it's probably gonna be the middle of December before we open it up and have traffic on the roadway.”
Rigby says the structure behind me called a flyover will come in handy for folks who are traveling in this area.
“We added a flyover structure, so the traffic coming from Buhl won't have to stop. They'll go over the top of US 93, and merge onto 93 as they're going into Twin Falls.”
Rigby says there were some complications on the Twin Falls Alternate Route to make sure that nearby irrigation systems kept working.
The price tag for the project adds up to $30 million dollars, but the Idaho Transportation Department is "very" happy with the work that's almost done.
And remember the giant dip where Pole Line Road crossed Rock Creek?
That’s completely gone now replaced by a brand new bridge.
“Actually we're still very much ahead of schedule. The original schedule was 18 months that we had set up in the contract. This contractor, W.W. Clyde came in, and they proposed right at a year. They're slightly over their year estimates, but well under the 18 month estimate that we had in the contract.”

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