Southern Idaho Trucking Doing Good



By Brittany Cooper

In 2008, research revealed that the trucking industry provided one out of 16 jobs in the state of Idaho.
And more than 72% percent of the communities depended on trucks to exclusively deliver goods.
We see trucks everyday, going to and from their destination.
And Arlo G. Lott trucking company stays busy these days, with nearly 200 employees.
Cole Prestwich with A.G.L Trucking "We have plenty of trucks, plenty of people wanting to drive a truck. We're doing quite well as far as Arlo G. Lott Trucking is concerned."
The trucking industry may be the answer to the economy getting back into the black.
"Trucking goes clear out of the valley, goes out of the state and nationwide. So we're able to deal with that, bring that money from other places and back into the valley through wages, fuel uses and we buy locally.
Prestwich says the industry is doing well in the Magic Valley and even Eastern Idaho.
But the same can't be said for other areas in the state.
"Northern Idaho I believe is suffering quite a bit to the economy, due to the timber industry."
Fuel prices have stabilized for a period of time, but Prestwich says they're seeing a rise.
"You try to adjust your fuel prices with your customers but of course, in this economic time, it's hard to make an adjustment....our customers have stepped up and been willing to pay in a surcharge or an increase in freight rates."

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