Summer Deadly Time For Teen Drivers

Magic Valley


By Benito Baeza

For most teens the summer is a break from their usual schedule, and that means more are out on the road and that means more accidents. Idaho State Police Trooper Sgt. Kent Oliver says "so we see a lot more of them of the teen drivers getting themselves
involved in crashes. they're inexperienced they prone to have more distractions
in the vehicle."
In today’s world there is more distraction than ever before when a teen gets behind the wheel. From phones and mp3 players to the buddy sitting next to them.
the time between memorial day and labor day is one of the deadliest periods for young drivers.
Dave Carlson with Idaho AAA says "7300 between the ages of thirteen and nineteen died during the summer
months during a five year period."
The triple a study looked at the time period between 2005 and 2009. it also found that the month of July is the most deadly.
Dave Carlson says "What we saw in our analysis, is that about 60 teens more die during those
summer months and in particular they're the month of July has five of the
deadliest days of the year."
The time between 9pm and midnight were also high for teen deaths.
Simple rules set by parents can mean the difference between life and death.
"That is one of the worst jobs that any law enforcement officer has to
do is make that notification, that knock on the door at three o'clock in
the morning." says Sgt. Oliver

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