Twin Falls City Gets Help from Second Pair of Eyes

Twin Falls


By Jay Michaels

The city of Twin Falls Finance and Planning Committee held its first meeting today.
The committee members will give the Twin Falls City Council advice on money related decisions.
Darrell Buffaloe, a committee member says “There are things that we as citizens can see because we don't have any dogs in the fight, essentially. And so I think we can see things and make recommendations. People maybe come to us that are afraid to come to the city.”
Buffaloe says this is an exciting committee because budgets and planning really make cities go.
He says the committee will be a good thing for everyone who lives in the city of Twin Falls.
Twin Falls Mayor Don Hall says “Cause again, they're coming from different disciplines of life, and going to be giving us their advice. They also have different folks they visit with in the community, as well. And what's important to those different groups of people, very important for us to hear during the deliberations of how we spend the citizens' money.”
Mayor Halls says the more that private citizens are involved in this process – the more transparent that government is.
The five members will be advocates for both the city and the people who live here.
Buffaloe says “Just to make sure everything's done fair and aboveboard. With all of the political stuff going on throughout the nation now and everything's done in secret, I think establishing a committee like this is something that will make sure everything is transparent. And I see that's the biggest thing, just to make sure that everything's absolutely done aboveboard.”

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