Twin Falls Schools Get Donations

Twin Falls


By Jay Michaels

Almost a year ago – Idaho legislators cut state education funding by seven and a half percent.
It's no news to you and me that money is tight all over.
And while some of us are beginning to feel a little freer in spending our money – the executive director of the twin falls school district education foundation says recent donations of almost 110 thousand dollars will help buy projectors like this one for Twin Falls schools who don't have them.
She says that's so teachers can engage their students.
Linda Watkins, executive director of the Twin Falls Education Foundations says “if we wanna capture their attention and keep them engaged in learning, we need to provide them with that technology, that they've become so accustomed to in everyday life.”
Watkins says these days kids are very comfortable with using computers or handheld devices – all the way from cell phones to video game systems.
Right now Bickel elementary school in Twin Falls only has one projector that just under 20 teachers can share – which isn't exactly as easy as you might think.
Kelli Schroeder, principal of Bickel elementary says “And it's a hassle to have it checked out, and having all the cords plugged in and trying to have it long enough, and moving the big computer over. So having a projector in each room, they are very excited at the possibilities of what they can be doing with that.”
Schroeder says her teachers that are more familiar with technology like the projectors – will show their coworkers how to use them.
If you'd like to make a donation to this effort – please call the Twin Falls School District Education Foundation office – at 733–5400.
Principal of Morningside, Steve Hoy says “we have a couple that we use in the library, music, and computer lab, but this is gonna be a tremendous addition to Morningside with 26 new projectors to increase opportunities to present lessons.”

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