Webpage Provides Safety Tips to Women



By Brooke Yerke

Do you know what to do to protect yourself if your car breaks down, especially if you're a woman?

If you don't, the answer lies on a new webpage designed by the Jerome Sheriff's Office.

Tom Lopez reports on the new webpage that will help every “Lady Beware."

Jerome County Sheriff Jim Weaver scans the department's new website, Lady Beware.

It's a website offering safety tips.

Although the site is designed for women, men can also log on to the site to find safety solutions.

“For mainly female persons to be more aware of what's going on around them, whether they're driving, walking, going to and from work," says Sheriff Weaver.

Weaver says the department has organized a PowerPoint presentation available to church groups, schools, nurses and others who want to review how to keep themselves safe.

Their first presentation will be Tuesday afternoon at the Civic Club.

“When you're at home alone and have a knock at the door, it's a good idea to have a peep hole where you can look out and see who's standing there at your door before you open it." Sheriff Weaver says you can find mounds of valuable information on how to stay safe.

Do you know what to do if you’re car runs out of gas?

And how to react if someone approaches if your car breaks down.

“There's no particular incidents that have occurred or anything. There shouldn't be any need for alarm; it's just a way to educate the public more, not only in Jerome County, but in the Magic Valley," said Sheriff Weaver.

The information will be available in Spanish and can be found at JeromeCounty.org.

Sheriff Weaver says members of the department volunteered their time to create the webpage. Therefore, it does not impact the department's budget.