QR Codes


By Paul Johnson

It seems every now and then a new technology comes along and gets everyone in the media excited. Right now that technology is QR Codes.
What is QR?
QR stands for Quick Response
What does it do?
QR provides a new way to attract potential customers to your business specials. It’s a way to track customer response; it’s a coupon, text or phone number specifically for your business.
How does it work?
QR Codes can be added to just about any type of media, TV, Print, Business Cards, and Flyers except radio. Customers download a free mobile app for their phone and when they see a QR code they simply snap a shot of it. The code can take them to your website, be a text message for a special, phone number or SMS.
You might not a computer wiz!
Most people aren’t. That’s the great thing with QR Codes. There simple to generate and simple to read by your customers phone.
Should you choose to use it for a text message (example… show your message at our store and receive…) it’s just a matter of telling the very simple program what you want. In most cases we take care of this for you!
You may choose to use a phone number they can call for the deal of the day. The possibilities are endless. Call the KMVT Sales Department at 208-733-1100 and find out how you can use a QR Code in your advertising plans.