The UPS Box Car Drag Race

Kids Fest 2012


By KMVT Sales

The UPS Store Twin Falls

Cardboard Box Car Drag Race

You won't want to miss the fun of this exciting event, so plan ahead!  
On Saturday, August 25th during the KIDS FEST event, The UPS Store will host the second annual Cardboard Box Car Races for the following groups:  
  • Group 1: Ages 4-6
  • Group 2: Ages 7-9
  • Group 3: Ages 10-12
The races will begin at 1:00pm.
Each child participating should bring:
  1.  A Cardboard Box Racer.  Each child should make his or her own cardboard box car that they will wear and race in.  It can be decorated as they wish and family members are allowed to help.
  2. Tie shoes and socks. 
    Each child racing must wear a pair of lace-up tie shoes, with socks.  NO SLIP ON SHOES will be allowed.  
  3. Repair Supplies are suggested.
    Bring along tape, stapler, etc, which may be needed.
  4. Pit Crew
    A Family member or guardian will need to help during the race. 

The Race!

Each child will line up at the starting line with their Box Car on.  When the starting flag drops, each child will take off down the race track.

Each child's pit crew will be waiting at one end of the track.   All racers will need to stop, and the pit crew will perform the following before they can continue back to the finish line: 

  1. Must un-tie shoes, take them off, then put them back on and re-tie.
  2. Give a drink of water 
  3. Wipe their forehead

A prize will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each group.   

The UPS Store at 5 Points has special boxes available for purchase.