The Meth Monster: personal story of defeat over addiction

Twin Falls


By Rachael Giffoni

It's a place for those with addictions to find safety and fellowship.

In the conclusion of our short series on meth, we’re introducing you to a program that's taming the monster of addiction inside of Magic Valley residents, one meeting at a time.

That special program is called Reformer's Unanimous International, known as RUI. It's a nationally known faith-based program to help those battling addictions. You can find a local branch at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Twin Falls.

Every Friday night you can find Kenny McDonald here, at a Reformers Unanimous International meeting. McDonald said, "I just love coming here. Trying to make a difference."

Not so long ago his life was a different one: spiraling out of control because of a meth addiction. He said, "For years and years, even while I was using, I knew I had to stop. You tell yourself, that's when it becomes hard. You are battling your own self."

Battling himself led to four felonies, the loss of all his belongings, and those closest to him.

Associate pastor Keith Thompson has been involved with the church since 1998. He says, anyone in the community is welcome to visit RUI, and it's for addictions of every kind.

Thompson said, "Everyone has a stronghold in their life they turn to, that can either destroy or help. Those strongholds, those addictions that destroy - they all come from the same place: the heart. The Lord is the way to get rid of it.”

For those battling addictions with drugs Thompson says there is a way out. He said, “Even with meth, which is a horrible addictive drug, I have seen victory over that.”

And while each day McDonald will continue to face challenges, he says coming back to the meetings every Friday help him find renewed hope.

He encourages others to do the same.

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