Local officers strap on guns in SWAT training exercise


By Rachael Giffoni

Twin Falls, Idaho - Local law enforcement officials strapped on the big guns in a joint SWAT team training exercise, with the Twin Falls Police and the Twin Falls Sheriff's Department.

Twin Falls Police Department Captain Matt Hicks said "We're testing both our SWAT teams’ abilities to respond to critical incidents."

Hicks says critical incidents, involving the need for a SWAT team don't happen much in Twin Falls; which means officers need frequent training to stay sharp.

A combination of 20 to 30 law enforcement officers participated Wednesday, training like this happens three to four times a year.

Training is also a way for departments to learn to work together.

Hicks says, "Normally when we respond to these incidents - individually our departments don't have the man power and resources just by ourselves, so we have to rely on all the other agencies in this area."

Wednesday’s scenario involved a domestic dispute; scenarios like this are based officer's real-life experiences.

"We are actually able to throw real scenarios that officers have dealt with previously in this area."

Adding to the realism is the use of role-playing, "We have officers serving as role players. And they'll emulate the behaviors of people that we've actually dealt with in similar situation."

So if you happened to be driving through the area, Hicks says, “Just know, there's nothing bad going on. We're just trying to prepare for the worst."

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