Overcrowding cats a problem at TF Animal Shelter


By Rachael Giffoni

Twin Falls, Idaho - Around this time of year animal shelters across the country are dealing with an overpopulation of felines; and at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter the situation is no different.

Twin Falls Animal Shelter Official Debbie Blackwood is facing a bit of a crisis; the shelter has reached its limit for cats and kittens, and the numbers keep rising.

Blackwood says, "I get at least 5 cats a day, and about 4 litters a week.- it just repeats itself every week."

Overcrowding like this is nothing new to those who work here, May through Christmas is the peak season for cats to reproduce.

Statistics show over the course of 9 years, one mating pair can produce 13 million children. Officials say your best bet is to spay and neuter; and officials reiterate, stopping the overcrowding starts with you at home.

Blackwood says, "If you're going to have it around and you're going to feed it - you have to take the step sooner than later to have her spayed or him neutered."

Unfortunately, due to overcrowding and illness, the worst can happen.

If you would like to take action by adopting, it's a 53 dollar fee, which includes spaying or neutering, vaccinations and worming.

Whether you help out by taking action at home, or by adopting at the shelter, you'll be opening up more space for those who'll need it in the future and possibly saving a life in the present.

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