Census workers back in Ketchum to increase participation


By Michelle Costa

Ketchum, Idaho (KMVT) - Figuring out population numbers are extremely important in order to provide cities the correct amount of money for funding; so census workers need to be able to track down everyone by filling out census forms.

Unfortunately, some people still haven't sent those forms back so they're not being counted; and in Ketchum, participation rates are lower than the rest of the state.

Sun Valley's famously known as a beautiful vacation getaway, but it's because of those vacationers that the census is in town to remind people to fill out their forms.

Part time Ketchum resident Korre Hartling told us, "I haven't really thought about it because we come and go. But, it is important."

Hartling is a prime example of who the census is trying to target, people who live in the area part time.

Statewide, the participate rate is 75 percent, but in Ketchum, it's 53 percent and in Sun Valley only 28 percent, those are numbers the census hopes will go up.

According to Lisa Horowitz, Ketchum Economic Development Director, "Census is important for all of our planning needs. We need to know who’s in town, what kind of demographics and we use that data in a variety of different ways. It's challenging in a resort town like this to count people, it's different than other towns."

She explains the numbers help with planning, grants and roadwork; but because there are so many vacationers, getting an exact number is difficult.

The census bureau will be set up at Ketchum’s City Hall and post office again Saturday from 8 am until 7 pm.

A last chance for people to stand up and be counted.

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