Locals weigh in on new research suggesting Facebook leads to divorce


By Michelle Costa

TWIN FALLS, ID (KMVT-TV) New research points to Facebook and other social networking sites as the reason for a rise in the number of divorces.

These sites are being utilized more and more by unhappy individuals to seek out and have an affair and cheat on their partner.

So is this happening here? KMVT’s Michelle Costa checked it out.

As technologies grow.. relationships change.

A licensed marriage and family therapist and counselor, Dr. Eric Jones, says being connected to others online is now easier than ever. But it also brings new problems.

"Computers have become one of the top reasons for separation or divorce. The challenge is you have friends, you get stressed. You go online to talk and share personal things. What happens is the emotional bonds fade with their partner and re-attach. Twin Falls is just as accessible to all the traps of a big city,” said Jones.

A new study shows one out of every five divorces is because of Facebook. So do locals thinks that's really the truth?

"We share a Facebook account. We don't hide anything from each other, said Amie McDrummond.

"When the husband or wife get on the computer, they met people on there,” said Evangelina.

"if it's gonna happen, it will,” said Kinsyi Lewis.

With more than 600 million members, the site may help you to re-connect with old friends, or meet new ones. But for many, it's leading to a much bigger problem.

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