Jerome Sheriff's Office: daytime burglaries rising slightly



By Rachael Giffoni

According to the Jerome Sheriff's Office, the number of daytime burglaries in the city is rising slightly.

Officers say, over the past few weeks, they've seen an increase in the amount of items stolen, sometimes, right from inside people's homes.

Officers say thieves are targeting everything from guns to antiques - such as spoons and coins. They want people to be more aware of their surroundings and be a vigilant neighbor.

Sergeant Rick Cowen, with the Jerome Sheriff’s Office, said, "If you see somebody at your neighbors house and you know your neighbor is at work, or they're usually not there in the daytime, don't be embarrassed to call. Let us come out and check it out."

Officers also say, around this time of year, the reports start coming up about copper wire thefts from pivots.

They say, pivots lay dormant in the winter, and that's when thieves take advantage, and strip pivots of copper wire for profit.

Again, officers stress the need for you to just "be aware" and say, don't hesitate to give them a call.

Right now, copper runs about $4.00 a pound.

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