Law enforcement, community gather to discuss substance abuse in youth

Twin Falls


By Rachael Giffoni

Law enforcement, educators and those in the community are more knowledgeable about substance abuse in youth: thanks to a class.

Instructional officer, and “Tall Cop Says Stop” President/Owner Jermaine Galloway talked about "boozing, doping, smoking, clothing and a touch of spice" at the Twin Falls Red Lion.

The class provided over 70 visual aids, along with photos and detailed descriptions of items and current trends.

Officer Galloway says, as the trends change, it's important for those in the community to stay "in the know."

Galloway said, "What we need to do is be able to identify different things. There's different things in all communities that are alcohol and drug related, whether it's a logo - clothing - whether it actually is alcohol, but a different type of alcohol, or a high-percentage alcohol.
We need to be paying attention to that - and seeing what those things are, and then be able to educate our communities and talk to our kids about them, and the dangers about them."

For more information about Officer Galloway, you can visit his website at

Stay tuned for Sunday’s 10pm newscast, as we'll take a closer look at what you can do as a parent, to be aware of substance abuse in children.

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