Magic Valley Flight Simulation pushing for zip line in Snake River Canyon

Twin Falls


By Michelle Costa

Imagine zip lining along the bottom of the Snake River Canyon. Soon that may be a reality.

The Magic Valley Flight Simulation is pushing for a code amendment to allow zip lines to be built inside the canyon. It's the first time anyone has made it through Planning and Zoning to the city council.
Its now a matter of paperwork.

At the bottom of the Snake River Canyon lies Centennial Park. Although there are no signs of zip line trails just yet, in the future Jody Tatum, with Magic Valley Flight Simulation, is among the many hoping they'll be built right here.

Tatum said, "We want to put in one canopy trail system or one aerial trail system just one.. we're looking at a series of 3 lines."

Three lines, the longest 1100 feet, a recreational activity to bring in tourism.

Tatum said, "We believe it's an activity that will protect our canyon as well as showcase it.. it will bring tourism. Twin Falls is a unique place. We have a special canyon and we want to work with the community and do what's best for us."

More than 700 people have signed a petition. These signatures were collected within 7 days. It's a good reflection that many people want these zip lines built. Of course there are always those that don't.

Against the zip line, is Rob Dixon, who said, "I would rather them not plan on doing it. I would want them to leave that beautified."

The city's Zoning and Development manager Renee Carraway explains there are pros and cons to it.

Carraway said, "It's a recreational use. If there are definitions of how it can be developed.. it could be very positive for the City."
"There's always a concern when you impact the canyon .. there's an interest to keep it preserved and natural so we've got that side too."

To zip .. Or not to zip, that is the question.

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