Magic Valley residents weigh in on string of local bank robberies

Twin Falls


By Michelle Costa

Twin Falls Police are investigating the city's third bank robbery in less than six months.

KMVT has been showing you photos of a man who robbed the Twin Falls First Federal last Thursday, and also photos of a man who robbed the U.S Bank on December 16th.

Twin Falls Police are still looking for the suspect, or suspects, involved. In late August, a Bank of America branch was also robbed. The suspect hasn't been caught.

Police say, when you do go to a bank, they want you to be extra cautions. And if you are in the situation where the bank is held up, don't try to be a hero.

Staff Sergeant Dan Lewin, with the Twin Falls Polcie Department, said, "We don't want anyone trying to take any type of heroic action whatsoever. We would like people to be observant and really be aware."

Because of these bank robberies, KMVT wanted to know what Magic Valley residents think about the recent crimes, and if they feel safe anymore when going into a bank.

Sergio Torres said, “It makes me nervous."

Karla Bicazo said, "The people who rob these banks, they should get a job instead of rob. There's a lot of jobs out there."

Donna Ennis, when asked if it made her nervous, said, “Maybe a little bit, but not enough to keep me out of town."

Christina Hazel said, "I'm pretty sure the cops are gonna get them. They'll get sloppy."

Police say if you have any information regarding the suspect in the images from December, and the suspect from the images last week, call the Twin Falls Police Department.

There is a combined $21,000 reward for whoever comes forward with information that leads to an arrest and conviction.

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