Many helping hands build a home in a Twin Falls "Blitz Build"


By Rachael Giffoni

TWIN FALLS, ID (KMVT-TV) Building a house can be a fairly lengthy process, but imagine building one in just five days! That's exactly what's been going on this week in Twin Falls.

The Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent Financial have built a house in under a week. It's called a Blitz Build. The home is located at 369 Tyler Street.

On a mid–Friday morning, general contractor Eric Lott doesn't stay in one place for very long.

"We're just basically doing the finishing touches. We've got people in here filling in cracks, and holes and painting. We're right at 1088 sq feet, three bedrooms, two bath,” he said.

For him – the process of building a house in five days can be summed up in one word. "It's a hectic time! This is actually the most calm day we've had,” he said.

Floors are swept, cords rolled, all with the help of volunteers.

"I call upon the local community to come in and be of service to give back to the community, and in these hard times, they're still coming to the plate. By Monday night we were up and roofed. Tuesday morning, all the drywall was in, Wednesday we painted, Thursday we're cleaning, today is a finished product,” said Linda Fleming, with the Habitat for Humanity.

The house is also getting some help from the boy scouts. Troop 139 is here laying out sod.

"This is a service project for our troop. It is a troop service project and we thought this was a great idea to help out the community,” said Assistant Scout Master Randy Hollenbeck.

Another helping with the house – Daron Brown. He works with the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office. Today, he's wearing a different kind of uniform.

"I've been in business for about five years, doing small landscape jobs,” said Brown, who also works with Small Tractor Works.

It's that business that's brought him here to help. "You know, I've watched this project go from nothing but a foundation to a beautiful house, a yard, a fence, and everything in five days. It's a really good feeling,” said Brown.

The house is going to Leah Dow and her two sons. Through the process – she's been giving hands on help.
"That's what I wanted to do. I wanted to be in on it,” she said.

She wants people to know this house does not come for free. "I have to put 500 dollars down as a down payment on my house and then my mortgage payment. You know, I have to meet a mortgage just like everybody else. People say 'the bottom of their heart' but my whole heart is in here,” said Dow.

"It's a short amount of time. They can bring their whole crew. It's an amazing experience, and they get to give back and do what they love to do – but really fast!” said Fleming.

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