Officials find marijuana growing in canyon


By Rachael Giffoni

Gooding, Idaho (KMVT) - Law enforcement officials found almost 300-thousand dollars worth of marijuana plants in the canyon.

Gooding County Sheriff Shaun Gough is keeping something under lock and key adding up to about 282-thousand dollars; officials uncovered the plants in the canyon, at the bottom of the Clear Lakes Grade.

The Gooding County Sheriff says finding marijuana plants here in the canyon is pretty common, one, because there's water, two because they are pretty hard to spot unless you have a trained eye.

Gough says "They're a different color than the other vegetation, if you're trained to spot them, you'll know what you're looking at."

While they may sometimes be hard to spot, what's becoming more out in the open, is the use.

Gough says "I don't know if it's because of the ease of getting it, you know, With the medical marijuana growers in California, but we're seeing more than we have in the past."

More plants in public property, these leafy giants grew on a wildlife management area.

Gough said, "Fish and game has ponds in this area, that plant fish in for the public to fish - these plants weren't far from those ponds - you could have kids running into these plants

Sheriff Gough says the best way for you to help out is, if you do come across plants call your local law enforcement immediately.

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