Demand for supplements, herbs for horses, increasing over time


By Rachael Giffoni

BUHL, TWIN FALLS ID (KMVT-TV) For years, people have been taking herbal supplements to be healthy, fight off colds and stay active. And now, many people are not just taking herbs themselves. They are giving them to their animals.

CEO Shayna Young is showing off Silver Lining Herbs. They're located in Buhl.

"Everything from supporting and maintaining horses with ulcers...” said Young.

"We simply manage a health program where in if you keep your horses healthy, they can't be sick,” said Silver Lining Herbs President Mickey Young.

Dr. Melinda Roche, DMV, has been a veterinarian for 11 years. She says, use caution and do your research when it comes to supplements.

"Be careful because there are some things out there that you can overuse. If you use too many things, you can actually overdose on certain things, and the same thing is true with horses,” said Dr. Roche.

A recent outbreak of the equine herpes virus, has many people asking questions about the benefits of supplements for horses.

"There aren't a whole lot of research, and a lot of times we have to go with anecdotal evidence, or our impression as to whether we thing we've seen an improvement or not,” said Roche.

Over the years, the demand for supplemental herbs has grown. This could be due to the internet and advertising.

(Shayna) "When people go and educate themselves, about the use of herbs on their own self, they really start opening their eyes to the affects that they can have on horses, and dogs, as well."

Those with Silver Lining Herbs say, demand also has to do with the economy.

"The economy, and struggles that we as a country has had, has really pushed people to explore other options,” said Shayna Young.

They may have different methods of care for horses. But both say - keeping a horse healthy starts with nutrition.

"You are what you eat, and that statement stands true with the horse,” said Mickey Young.

"Good nutrition, vaccination against diseases, going over your risk assessment with your veterinarian, I think is really important,” said Dr. Roche.

If you would like more information about Silver Lining Herbs, visit their website at

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