Twin Falls to consider smoking ban in some city parks


By Benito Baeza

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT) - The Twin Falls Parks and Recreation Commission listened to a proposal to ban smoking in Twin Falls City Parks.

After some discussion, the parks and recreation commission decided to recommend to the twin falls city council in a 4 to 3 vote, to ban smoking in 5 separate parks, Harry Barry, Drury, Sunrise, Cascade and Clyde Thompson Park.

Elvia Caldera, with the South Central Public Health District says they want to promote safe environments for those who use the parks the most.

Caldera says, "Our main goal is to protect the children from being exposed to second hand smoke, and that's what our goal is to protect them while they're in the parks."

There was even a request to ban smoking in certain areas of all parks in the city.

One of the requests was to keep a 50 foot barrier between smokers and the play ground equipment, however some of the commission members didn't feel that was practical and all that enforceable.

Board member Ryan Horsley says, "At this point I just didn't think that it was reasonable or it could be effective."

We spoke to parents to see how they felt about the ban at one of the proposed parks sunrise.

Kerri Sturgeon, mother of 4 says, "I think it's a good idea... second hand smoke is really bad."

Debbie Owen says she's not entirely opposed to the proposed smoking ban, but suggests a compromise.

Owen says, "If there's a spot for smokers, the smart people will use it, and if not then there’s parents that you know would point out, hey your supposed to smoke over there, I don't want smoke around my child."

The proposal to ban smoking in the 5 parks will head to the Twin Falls City Council for debate and a decision.

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