Local Man Sentenced For Drug Related Charges

Twin Falls


By Jay Michaels

In January, 41 year old Dale Patterson of Twin Falls was arrested and charged with two counts of 'delivery of a controlled substance.
During the arrest - police found glass containers filled with liquids and substances in Patterson's trailer.
They also discovered heating and cooking equipment - and tubing.
Police say "all" of those things could have been used to produce methamphetamine.
Jill Sweesy says, "Mr. Patterson indicates he wants to be with his children, yet we look at this crime occurring right next to an elementary school, and the makings of a methamphetamine lab in his trailer at the time."
Ben Anderson says, "Similarly protected if Mr. Patterson would be given that length of probation after retained jurisdiction. At the same time Mr. Patterson would be allowed to pay taxes and support his children."
Patterson faced up to 20 years of jail time for enhancements alone on these crimes.
In the end, judge Bevan ordered Patterson to pay a 2,000 dollar fine - as well as almost 4,000 dollars in restitution.
For both counts of 'delivery of a controlled substance - Patterson will serve his sentences concurrently.
Judge Bevan says, "As to count one, I order you to serve a 15 year sentence with no time fixed, with five years additional consecutive to that for the drug enhancement, and ten years indeterminate, thus making the sentence five fixed, ten indeterminate for a total of 15 years."
Jay Michaels, kmvt news.

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