Acid spill closes Pole Line for several hours near Twin Falls Home Depot

Twin Falls


By Rachael Giffoni

Area responders worked for about six hours Thurday attempting to decipher a spill on Pole Line road, near the Twin Falls Home Depot.

Fire officials tell KMVT, at 10:50am they received multiple calls about a spill from a container that looked like a weed sprayer laying on the road.

Reports said visible vapor was rising from the surface. Regional Response Hazmat Team Five conducted a series of tests on the matter.

The mysterious spill turned out to be muriatic acid, a corrosive liquid used for cleaning and etching stone, brick or concrete.

Hazmat neutralized the acid with soda ash, and departments cleared the area at 5:00pm.

All in all, a little less than two gallons total had spilled.

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