Local opinions on Ketchum's no-idling ordinance



By Jay Michaels

Lots of people who come to the Magic Valley from big cities are very impressed with the air quality in southern Idaho. And that's why many local residents want to keep it clean.

A hundred dollars is a pretty steep fine for a first time offense of leaving your car idling in the city of Ketchum. That's why police there want those fines to line up with the ones for standard parking violations.

In October of last year, the Ketchum City Council adopted an ordinance that bans drivers from idling their vehicle for more than three minutes.
The one year grace period to educate drivers about the new law ended in October of this year.

Local resident Carol Holmes said, “One thing we love up here is our clean air. When you go away for a while and you visit L.A. or a big city, you come back here, and you just love the air. And you can smell it and taste it, and we don't wanna lose that.”

Ketchum police want offenders of the new idling ordinance to face the same kind of penalties for other parking violations. The proposed penalties boil down to a warning for the first offense, a $25 fine for the second, and a fine of $52 for the third and all following violations.

Ketchum Police Sgt. Dave Kassner is scheduled to ask the Ketchum City Council to make the penalties for the idling ordinance the same as other parking violations, at their next meeting Monday evening, January 3rd.

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