Local opinions on gun control issues, after Arizona tragedy raises questions

Twin Falls


By Michelle Costa

After the latest incident in Arizona, many people may be wondering what will happen with gun control? It's only been 8 days since six were killed, 14 injured, and a congresswoman critically wounded in a mass shooting.

Because of this some politicians are asking to revisit gun control laws.

"I've been around guns all my life."
The owner of the Magic Valley Pawn Shop has been selling guns for years, and doesn't see any reason to change gun laws.

Owner Jim Brennan said, "I don't think it will go anywhere because people understand we are able to observe the 2nd Amendment. It's not something that's gonna be obtainable. If you take guns from people that legally can have them, criminals will have them and we won't."

"If people took the time to learn gun safety, they wouldn't be afraid of them."

It's something Larry Ophein agrees with. Ophein, with Washington St. Pawn, said, "It's punishing the masses for what one wacko did what we need to do is get more whackos off the street."

Pawn shops do extensive background checks, by filling out this form, which is sent directly to the ATF, and in order to even sell a gun they need to get the Bureau's ok first. "If someone wants a gun and they have trouble with the law, they don't come here."

But, for some in Washington, more control is needed.

Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence official Paul Helmke said, "The fact that it's personal and one of their own, I think will make a difference this time."

While the gun control issue is reloaded yet again, in our neck of the woods, most seem to be against stricter laws.

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