Owners say their pets have a 'sixth sense' when predicting weather

Twin Falls


By Rachael Giffoni

According to an Associated Press poll, two-thirds of pet owners say their animals can tell when bad weather is coming.

Rodeo announcer and horse trainer Don Jesser can tell when the weather is going to change, just by watching his horses.

He said, "I call it a second sense about weather changes. In the winter time, you'll see them run, kick, and buck, it's what I call warming up, because there's a storm brewing.

While he can tell the changes by his horses' behavior. Others can tell by their smaller pets.

A poll conducted in October shows. some say their animals hide, while other whine or cry. Others note hyperactivity and erratic behavior, and for some, their animals bark or meow persistently.

Veterinarian Dr. Zsigmond Szanto said, "Changes in pressure. They can hear sound waves we can't even imagine." He said, it's all about recognizing patterns.

According to the poll when it comes to predicting bad weather, dogs, are in the lead. 73% of dog owners report their animals can tell when the weather is changing, compared to cat owners, who say 66% of cats can predict bad weather

For Buhl resident Mark Williams, animals can sense storms, as well as tragedies.

Whether it's a cat, dog, or a horse, while they don't speak words, the experts say, you can learn a lot from your animals, if you just pay attention.

Jesser said, "Don't just go our there and feed them: look at them. They can tell you a lot about what's going on: weather changes, moon changes. Learn to pattern the horses... just like they learn to pattern you.”

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