TFPD: Veterans, don't trust '' website, it's potentially a scam

The Magic Valley


By Rachael Giffoni

The Twin Falls Police Department continues to warn veterans of a potential scam, through a website.

Police say, right now, there's been no reports of people actually being scammed by this website, but they say, it's better to be safe, than sorry.

They're a so-called organization called Veterans Affairs Services, and online, they look legitimate.

Twin Falls Police Dept. Captain Matt Hicks said, "There's actually a lot of useful information on this site, I'm assuming they copied from legitimate websites."

But Hicks is warning veterans to stay away, saying, "The major point of concern is that veterans will actually access this website, and provide possible information, used to steal their identities."

Police don't know what the website is doing with personal information submitted, and until the site can be further investigated, they urge veterans to go with the government-approved organization, the Bureau of Veterans Affairs.

Hicks said, "The Idaho Division of Veterans affairs does an excellent job for our veterans in our town."

Another concern police have, is when veterans are searching online for services...they may be led to the suspicious website. Police say, only log onto, an organization you can trust.

Hicks said, "Most Federal Government websites, those dealing with veterans affairs, we believe, end in the acronym .gov."

Twin Falls Police say this is the first potential scam they've had to deal with concerning veterans.

Police are warning you not to trust it, just in case.

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