Twin Falls teen Hailey Stroud hailed as success story after rare surgery

Twin Falls


By Michelle Costa

It's a surgery only a few hundred kids in America have ever had.
For a Twin Falls family, it was their best option.

In 2001, it was a choice between their baby girl never being able to walk or talk due to severe seizures, or removing part of her brain.
The Stroud family chose to try the very rare surgery, And now their daughter Hailey is a success story.

You might call Hailey Stroud a lucky duck. 19-year-old Hailey is doing things today, that years ago, some doctors didn't think would be possible.

Hailey said, "It’s been nine years since I've had a seizure. I feel like a normal kid now. I didn't know when I had seizures. I didn't even know I was here. I didn't know where I was at so now I'm a normal kid."

Hailey’s mother Shari Stroud said, “She's really tough and has a great sense of humor. That was one thing we worried about, will she still have the same personality? And she does. She's funny and outgoing. She has weakness in her right hand, but that's the only noticeable after-effects."

It's a small side effect, however, since before the brain surgery, things were much different. Shari said, "She didn't start having seizures until she was about 3 or 4 and so then they became more and more frequent and she was going backwards as far as learning and all of that."

Hailey's story received some national attention recently. On December 30th ABC World News included her story as a part of their story on the surgery, the surgeon at UCLA medical center is even the same one that performed hers.

Hailey said, "It felt cool to be on TV. I've never been on TV before. I felt special."

And feeling special, is what this CSI student feels now all the time. A fairly unknown surgery, now with known results: with Hailey as one of the first to prove it is a success.

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