Hometown Heroes

Here is your chance to salute Magic Valley’s “Hometown Heroes”…those who make a difference in all of our lives.

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Hometown Heroes

Steve Luttmer, James Edwards,David Mezes

These three hero's worked long and hard and risked their own lives to pull a child trapped at Pillar Falls on 9/7/2014. Unfortunately the news said all they did was hold his head above water until search... Read More »

Monika Giambruno

Yesterday, August 1, I went into the Kimberly branch of First Federal Savings Bank with my 6 yr old daughter and my 4yr old son. As I was making my withdrawal I noticed my son was choking on a piece... Read More »

Lisa Kidd

This woman is my own personal hero and my mother. We have been through a lot together. When my parents got divorced, it was just me and my mom. She took on 2 jobs to help support me and put me through... Read More »

dj dixon

My brother is always there for me and is always trying to help when he can he has always looked out for me and I have always looked up to him I love him very much he is now out on the road as he is a... Read More »

Celsey Kidd

Celsey Kidd is a 17 year old from Jerome. She graduated from JHS in May and is in Air Force Boot Camp in Texas. She already has her CNA certification and is pursuing her Physicians Assistant degree while... Read More »

Michelle Hall

Due to unfortunate circumstances my family and I were about to be homeless. We frantically searched for a new place to live and were coming up empty handed. We had a short period of time to come up with... Read More »

Sgt Clark

On Saturday June 29th Sgt Clark with the Jerome Police Department went to a call inside the Jerome Wal-Mart of a man not breathing. When Sgt Clark got there he began CPR and continued doing... Read More »

Staff at Visitor Center,City of Rocks

On June 14th I tripped and fell head first into rocks at the visitors center. Almost immediately 4 staff members were treating my wounds on left shin (to the bone) and knee, and right knee and elbow.... Read More »

Jody Bohr

I would like to nominate my husband Jody Bohr as a home town hero. Read More »

Jacque Brown

I have a Hometown Hero suggestion for you! My mother, Jacque (pronounced Jackie) Brown has started an organization called Daniel's Gift (affiliated with St. Luke's) to offer support to parents who have... Read More »

Fire Departments Assisting At Main Street Fire

Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) On April 30th, a fire erupted on Main Street in Jerome. Read More »

Lana Black of Eden, Idaho

Lana is constantly helping others. She has served on the local Sr. Center Board, Chaired the the Valley S.O.S. community birthday calendar fundraiser for over 10 years, Valley Vikings Booster Club, many... Read More »

Christi Morris

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Tonight's Hometown Hero is Christi Morris. This segment is brought to you by Eaton Drilling and Pump Service. Read More »

Anythings Pawsable

Anythings Pawsable is an amaizing rescue organization for animals. These women work day and night to save our four legged friends. The show so much love and dedication to every animal they can.... Read More »

Brian Higgins

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Brian Higgins is this week's Hometown Hero. Read More »

Rengie Bascog

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV ) Rengie Bascog has been serving in the Air Force for the past three years. Read More »

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)

Many residents are familiar with team CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) here in the Magic Valley. We recognize the drive and need to support youths who face frightening circumstances. Although the... Read More »

Dr. Nathan Catmull, Dr. Bryce Barfuss, Dr. James Hughes, Dr. Chad Dodds and Dr. David Wilkes

These local dentists all volunteered at the CSI Oral Health clinic Friday March 15, 2013.These clinics are held approximately 4 times a year and provide low cost dental care for underserved residents of... Read More »

George Mass

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Tonight we'd like to recognize George Mass as this week's Hometown Hero, brought to you by Eaton Drilling and Pump Service. Read More »

Roanne Gilette

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Ro teaches the 'Over 60 & Getting Fit' classes for C.S.I. at the Mini-Cassia Center. She substitutes throughout the areas schools when she can as well as helping... Read More »

Col. Dale Whipple

Col. Dale Whipple is retired from the Air Force and is now a business owner. Read More »

Katheryn "Kat" Peterson

I'm not the best writer but have an amazing woman that would be ideal for the segment Hometown Hero. Her name is Kat she is a retired 8 year veteran of the United States Air Force, she served 12 years... Read More »

John Holton

My dad is the perfect dad and grandfather. My children and I can always count on him. My children have had some tough times and they know that they can count on their Papa to make them feel better. They... Read More »

Bo "Lonnie" Jones

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMTV-KTWT-TV ) Bo's Dream Team nominated Bo "Lonnie" Jones. Read More »

Janet Surrett

Janet is an amazing caring person! She would do anything to help you succeed. She is passionate about everything she believes in. She is the biggest fan of her twin boys as well as many local kids.... Read More »

Brina "Bug" Beal

Brina is an amazingly strong 8 year old who has JRA ( Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) as well as Crohn's Disease. Brina has battled JRA since she was 4 and diagnosed with Crohn's 9 months later. She has... Read More »

Colton Jefferey Hanson

Colton was diagnosed with leukemia 2 years ago when he was just 16 years old. He has fought for his life ever since. He recently received a bone marrow transplant thanks to his older brother, Tyrell, being... Read More »

Raul Ruiz

2nd class petty officer Raul Ruiz is a airman in the United States Navy. Raul recently returned from deployment in the middle east. Raul is the son of Randy and Billie Norton of Buhl,ID... Read More »

Cynthia Conway

My hometown hero is my amazing mother! She is a single parent and works at a full-time job! Yet, she still takes care of me and buys me the things I need and puts a plate in front of me every meal!She... Read More »

Bo's Dream Team

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV/KTWT-TV) Bo's Dream Team takes the honor this week. Read More »

Shawn Barigar

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Our Eaton Drilling and Pump Service Hometown Hero this week is very familiar face. He's Shawn Barigar. Read More »

luke and heidi michelson

Luke and his wife Heidi have been building bunk beds for children in need of a bed. They are sacraficing their time with their own children to do this for others. It is amazing, I am one of the recievers... Read More »

Destiny Nicole Bridge

Destiny is my neice she is a 2nd grader at Gooding Elementry School. She is 7 years old. Yes even with her being only 7 she is still my HERO. You see Gooding Elementry School has been doing this thing... Read More »

CSI Running Club

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) This week's Eaton Drilling and Pump Service Hometown Hero is none other than the CSI Running Club. Read More »

Dr. David McClusky

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Tonight for our Eaton Drilling and Pump Service Hometown Hero, we'd like to recognize Dr. David McClusky. Read More »

Regan Hays Newberry

Regan, her husband Adam and their children have been working very diligently filling up one of their semi trucks to take to Staten Island Relief Southern Idaho. I really think the community should shout... Read More »

Monte Bruen/ Dian Bruen

Monte and his wife Dian are the founders of Idaho"N"Heroes Outdoors a local organization that takes Wounded Warriors and get them out in Idahos great outdoors.Monte and his wife donate alot of time and... Read More »

Local Veterans

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Tonight we'd like to recognize all of our area veterans for this week's Hometown Hero. Read More »

Boy Scouts Of America

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) All week long, the Boy Scouts have collected canned food for the Salvation Army. Read More »

PFC Shane Wilson

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV)Tonight's Hometown Hero is PFC Shane Wilson of Kuna. Read More »

Ted Hadley

Tonight's hometown hero is Ted Hadley. Jim Dalos Junior nominated Hadley for the honor which is brought to you by eaton drilling and pump service. He says Doctor Hadley teaches music classes in the twin... Read More »

Sharon Breshears

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) We'd like to recognize Sharon Breshears for the honor brought to you by Eaton Drilling and Pump Service. Read More »

Rachel Johnson

Rachel is an amazing young lady she is with the Idaho National Guards and has served 2 tours in Iraq. She is a single mom of beautiful Madilyn and she has made it through many, many obstacles in her young... Read More »

Tanner DeBoard & Taylor Thomas-DeBoard

Tanner is my son. He graduated from Kimberly in May 2011 & left for basic training the following month traveling alone for the very first time ever. He graduated basic in November & was stationed in KS.... Read More »

Officer Mani and MJ

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Tonight we'd like to honor Officer Mani and MJ. Read More »

Sue Ellen McClure

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Tonight's Hometown Hero brought to you by Eaton Drilling and Pump Service is Sue Ellen McClure. Her daughter keri nominated her for the honor. Read More »

Richard Rowe

My husband Richard Rowe, he and his fellow Navy Submarine Veterans do a lot for other Vets, They take their float, which is a submarine, out to show the public and hope to generate more interest in submarine... Read More »

Steve England

What amazes me about Steve is that I have met young people he has arrested and they are thankful to him for helping them get the help they need to get their lives together. This has happened more than... Read More »

Fallen Heroes To Be Honored

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) The Twin Falls County Fair and Magic Valley Stampede will honor the fallen soliders during the PRCA rodeo. Read More »

Dennis and Lisa Hills

Both Dennis and Lisa have committed their lives to helping others, Lisa is an EMT and Dennis is a Field Supervisor for St. Lukes Magic Valley. They have been married for over 25 years.... Read More »

Nicki Walker

Nicki Walker of Wendell. Every year for several years she has made sure that the community egg hunt is the very best in the Valley and assures that every child who attends gets a prize no child is left... Read More »

Marco Dodge

He helps everyone in the surrounding area no matter the day,time, or the effects on his planes even after his wife's death in 2011. He is known for helping stranded motorists any time of day or night along... Read More »

Peggy Hess

(KMVT-TV) Peggy Hess is tonight's Hometown Hero. Read More »

Michelle Roberts

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Tonight's Hometown Hero is Michelle Roberts, brought to you by Eaton Drilling and Pump Service. Read More »

13 Cabin Leaders/Coordinators For Natural Resources Camp

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) National Resources Camp Leaders and Coordinators take this week's honor. Read More »

Karryn Hunter

KMVT-TV I think many people in the community would agree that my mother Karryn Hunter who is in pink in the photo should be our hometown hero. Read More »

Ethan Justice

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Tonight's Hometown Hero is Ethan Justice brought to you by Eaton Drilling and Pump Service. Kendra Sutton nominated Ethan for the honor. Read More »

Hali Stutzman

Twin Falls, Idaho Tonight's Hometown Hero is Hali Stutzman brought to you by Eaton Drilling and Pump Service. Tammy Golber nominated Stutzman for the honor. Read More »

Gary Thomas

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) I would like to nominate my husband, Gary Thomas, he is a do-it-all kinda guy. Read More »

Gale D. Mohlenbrink

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV)Tonight's Hometown Hero is Gale D. Mohlenbrink, brought to you by Eaton Drilling and Pump Service. Read More »

Ellie Pruitt

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Tonight's Hometown Hero is Twin Falls resident Ellie Pruitt, brought to you by Eaton Drilling and Pump Service. Read More »

Jason Keller

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Jason Keller is the fire chief for the Rock Creek Fire Department and this weeks' Hometown Hero. Read More »

Sgt. Chris Workman

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Our Hometown Hero tonight is Sgt. Chris Workman. Read More »

Bobby Donoho

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Our Hometown Hero tonight is Bobby Donoho brought to you by Eaton Drilling and Pump Service. Read More »

Dan Brown

Killed in Afghanistan. ... Read More »

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) It was the summer of 2009 when Bergdahl was captured by the Taliban, but nearly two and half years later, the community hasn't forgot about this true American hero. Thank you... Read More »

Kathy West

Kathy West is a very good person. She is always so giving. She was there for my family last christmas when I was unable to give my kids Christmas. I was not the only person that she provided for and she... Read More »

Terence "Bo" Lonnie Jones

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Multiple people nominated PVT. Terence "Bo" Lonnie Jones for the honor. Read More »

Kelsey Diehl

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Kelsey Diehl organized the "Have a Heart" event at Robert Stuart Middle School last week. Diehl along with her fellow classmates raised money for several heart–related causes. The... Read More »

Jim Massie

Jim got his start as an EMT in the late '80s, using it as a job to help support his small, but growing, family. As he grew older, his love for helping people in emergency situations has not diminished.... Read More »

Melva Heinrich

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Tonight's Hometown Hero brought to you by Eaton Drilling and Pump Service is Melva Heinrich. Read More »

Diane Edinger

Diane is my mom and I see her as a hero because she is a full time RN and charge nurse, she is very caring and loves taking care or people. She has always put everyone before her and made sure everyone... Read More »

Madelon Dixon

Madelon has always put others before her and does not hesitate to help others, especially her family. My sister Doreen Montgomery was Ill and My mother dropped everything to go and help her. She is always... Read More »

Andy Levdanskiy

Andy works for his uncle of Andy's Heating and Air Conditions.He comes home after work and helps everyone in the neighborhood.With anything that needs to be done and even on the weekends. While taking... Read More »

Sean Vargas

Sean Vargas is a true town hero. When he married Jaclynn he also took on the task of raising her little brother who has downs syndrome. Justin was 8 when they took him to Moscow to live with them. Sean... Read More »

MSGT Leo R. Graham

(KMVT-TV) Tonight we feature MSGT Leo R Graham USAF and Vietnam, brought to you by Eaton Drilling and Pump Service. Gary Graham nominated Leo Graham for the honor. Leo retired in 1973 and he's a... Read More »

John Howard

Ever since John Howard's son in law Acey Shaw was stricken with a rare medical problem, John and his wife have been there for the family.When Acey was allowed to come home John and his wife moved from... Read More »

Brittany D'Ambra

We honor Brittney D'Ambra brought to you by Eaton Drilling and Pump Service. Read More »

Logan Sant

He is my little brother and he just came back from Irac he was a medic I think he is a hero because he made the best live and i am proud of him... Read More »

Cory Bridge

CORY BRIDGE - Della Heath nominated her brother–in–law Cory Bridge. She says he is from Twin Falls, but he is in the Army now. He's been to Iraq twice and Afghanistan once, he has been in the Army... Read More »

Don Rock, Ben Hammer and unidentified lady

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT-TV) This Hometown Hero is a little different as we're featuring three individuals who came through in a serious situation. Read More »

Andrew Pike

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Now it's time for our Hometown Hero brought to you by Eaton Drilling and Pump Service. Read More »

Eugene Ritchie

Gene has been giving to this community prob. his whole life. He is a retired policeman mostly spent at Twin Falls High as resource officer. Then after retiring he has been the trainer for c s i baseball... Read More »

Sgt. Dennis Pullin

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Dennis Pullin is this week's Hometown Hero. Read More »

Landen Walker

Landen is the youngest of 5 boys and serving in the United States Army. He is stationed at Fort Hood and is currently serving in Iraq. Landen is always helping to support his family when they are struggling.... Read More »

Ken Mort

(KMVT-TV) Our Hometown Hero is Ken Mort. This is brought to you by Eaton Drilling and Pump Service. Read More »

Jim Hopkins

I would say Jim Hopkins....he is a retired ISP Detective after 36 years of law enforcement! He retired and left 2 months later for Afghanistan and has been there for the last 2 years...due back in April... Read More »

Cliff Johnson

(KMVT-TV) It's time for this week's Hometown Hero brought to you by Eaton Drilling and Pump ervice. Tonight we recognize Cliff Johnson. Read More »

Christy Davies Talks Team in Training

Christy is a current member of Team in Training. The group raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through endurance events. She's training for the Boise City of Trees half-marathon coming... Read More »

Spc. Brendan Bleeker

Specialist Brendan Bleeker is the area coordinator for Idaho Honor guard. He's in charge of providing military honors at veterans' funerals. Specialist Bleeker coordinates about 30 events each month. ... Read More »

Matt Eden

Matt is a sergeant with the TF County Sheriffs office. He is a loving husband and father to two daughters. He is also the first person to be found helping other peoples kids. Matt is very active in the... Read More »

Carol Carlisle

Carol Carlisle works at the admission and records office at the college of southern Idaho. As a national guardsmen and student, Carol goes above and beyond in helping me balance my military and education... Read More »

Susan Boone

During my stay in St. Lukes Hospital, Susan went well above and beyond her duties to make sure I was comfortable, happy and well-taken care of. She is an absolute awesome nurse and my Hometown Hero.... Read More »

Rick Pool

Rick is getting ready to serve his second tour in Afghanistan. He joined the Marine Corp. Right after high school. We just want Rick to know that we love him very much, and we are so proud of him. You... Read More »

Teresa Smith

Teresa Smith is Dietrich's hometown hero. She works tirelessly for everyone else. She is a leader for the young women in this community and knows each by name, and always has time for them no matter how... Read More »

Richie Ramos

Richie Ramos is serving in his second tour in Iraq. He is father of three children and has a beautiful wife from Burley, Idaho. He is currently deployed in Iraq with the 116 Calvery Brigade. He is home... Read More »

Samir Smriko

Samir is currently serving his second tour in Iraq. He works as a deputy for jerome county and His wife and family cant wait for his safe return home!... Read More »

Jamie L. Mathews

Jamie attended Kimberly High School before finishing school in Idaho falls. He graduated MCRD as a Marine in January 2011. He will be headed to North Carolina within in the next month after completing... Read More »

Marshall Lagge

Marshall grew up in Montana but moved in the Magic Valley after graduating from Montana Western in 2007. He is a science teacher at Burley High and coaches Girls Basketball at the Junior High. People... Read More »

Shawna Fuller

She is an amazing woman who works as a home health nurse helping families in our community cope with the struggles of caring for sick, disabled family members (in our case a disable child with many, many... Read More »

L.Cpl Steven "Brent" Fields

My grandson just came home from a 7 month tour of Afganistan. He was a handler for a bomb sniffing dog and had some close calls. We are extremely proud of him and very thankful he is home safe. He will... Read More »

Russell Mathews

Russell is my son and is now stationed at Fort Wainwright Fairbanks, Alaska. He graduated High school in Idaho Falls. He went to Army basic training right after graduation, in 2010 and become part of the... Read More »

Kristopher Newberry

Kris enlisted in the Marine Corps in October 2003 and went to Basic training in March 2004. He went on to U.S. Embassy Security training and became an U.S. Embassy guard, which was his duty for the past... Read More »

Kalub Ashby

PV2 Ashby joined the Army in May 2010. He is currently in Basic Training in Fort Benning, GA & will be headed to Fort Gordon, GA in January for AIT. ... Read More »

Kathy Molt

My mother has recently adopted two boys from the Idaho foster care system. She has four children of her own and now two more. She has been a foster parent for over 3 years and has had many children in... Read More »

Ted Feltman

My dad has helped me and the entire town out. He is the best ever. He likes to hunt and fish and plays texas hold em. He has received a purple heart, and has helped me through college at C.S.I. ... Read More »

J.D. Pruett

My dad is a volunteer fire fighter in the town of Bliss, Id. When ever someone calls or needs someting he is right there and will do it no questions asked. He doesn't expect anything in return he just... Read More »

kaye Sparks

My siter raised 10 kids and took in other kids in Carey and helped them also, she took on raising myself and brothers and sisters at the young age of 22. She is my total hero, all the good I have is because... Read More »

Buddy L Compher SR

Well Bud works for the city of Filer and he is on the Filer QRU. Bud also plays a huge role in his church. Bud will take time out of his busy schedule too help anyone out. He makes sure you have food to... Read More »

denise mealer

she has been in the guards for about6 years.it will be her first deployment since being in the guards.she graduated from filer high school.... Read More »

Phil Dawson

Phil joined the marine corp AFTER his older brother was killed in Vietnam. He departed from the service and became a full time horse trainer/journeyman farrier and built a business in western Idaho. ... Read More »

Dan Larson

It has been a long time dream of Dan's for a Lincoln County Veteran's Memorial. His dream is almost a reality. He has worked very hard and has had come great help from community people whether it be... Read More »

Trinity McNutt

I am a 2nd grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary. We have been participating in Rachel's Challenge this year, learning to show kindness to everyone around us. In addition to this, the 2nd graders just finished... Read More »

Earl Dutt

There is so much to tell the community about earl.He is always giving his time to help others.He is active in his church and teaches the youth along with the fuctions held at the church he is the first... Read More »

Mike Baledge

He is a firefighter for Hailey fire. He mainly heads up the fire prevention unit and go's to all of the elementary schools in the area and talks to the kids about fire prevention.... Read More »

Patrick Jones,DVM

Our family moved to Buhl a few years ago. I have always had house pets and a nature to brin home a stray or two. Dr. Jones has not only been our pets angel, by offering his services without the office... Read More »

Sarah Sager

Sarah is a hero in my eyes. She does a lot for the community. She is a PSR worker for children that have family problems or other problems. She is a counslor at Cornerstone Baptist Church for the RUI program... Read More »

Francis T. Payne

Francis joined the United States Marine Corps after graduating Twin Falls High School in June of 2000. He served for 9 years while being stationed in the country of Japan a couple times, the southeastern... Read More »

William A. Burgess

William is a graduate of Burley Sr high school 2008, he joined the marine corp shortly after graduation and he is now serving in Afghanistan with a LAV unit ... Read More »

Jared L. Hutchison

Jared just joined the USMC he is currently in boot camp. He wanted to join ever since he was little and made the choice to go after our son was born he may not have gone to save the country yet but to... Read More »

Mitchell Thewes

Mitch, is a small town boy from Hansen, Idaho. He is a Seargent. in the United States Army, currently serving in Afghanistan. He joined the Army in April of 2006, & became stationed at Fort Myer, VA as... Read More »

Casey Matlock

casey s matlock served in the usmc for 4 years he went to fulluga iraq we are so proud of casey... Read More »

Cory Bridge

Cory Bridge is my brother in law. He has been over seas twice and is now in Colorado with my sister and there three girls he is my sons bigest hero and one of my heros. ... Read More »

CW4 David Switzer

Dave joined the Army in 1990 out of High school. He worked his way uo mthe ranks from pv2 to ssg (E-2). Then went to warrant officer school. He has been all over the world and is now in Iraq. He will retire... Read More »

joseph gardner

he is currently serving in the marine corp. ... Read More »

Kent Parish

Kent just recemtly became the morning professor for the welding program at CSI. I m a first semester student,and I have to say, finding out the impact that he has had on the community has been astounding.... Read More »

William (Will) Haynes

Will Joined the Army at the age of 17 in May of 2008. After completing basic training, Will went to the army's medical school in Ft. Sam Houston where he completed his combat medic training. After that... Read More »

Ralph Milton

Ralph enlisted in the USMC in 1948 after graduating from high school. He fought in both the Koren & Viet Nam wars. Ralph retired in the 70's.... Read More »

Jefferson Tews

Joined the army out of high school in 2000. Has been deployed to Kovoso, Iraq twice and returned from Afaganistan in March of this year. Has been with 101st for 7 years. Has the purple heart and bronze... Read More »

Senior Airman Matthew S. Bowman

Serves with the United States Air Force in England as a crew chief on a HH-60 PaveHawk helicopter. He has deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan.... Read More »

Jon-Luke Bass

Jon-Luke Bass is a senior at West Point Military Academy. He will be graduating 2010. He is a native of Idaho Falls, ID. He has trained with the Israeli Defense Force and was recently assigned to Armor.... Read More »

Toribio Pecina lll

Joined the Airforce while a Senior at Declo High School, 2006. Went to Mississippi for training. Went to South Korea for a year and is currently in Kyrgyzstan. He loves his job and is proud to be in the... Read More »

Jacob Henry

Jacob Henry is serving in Paktya Province, Afghanistan 60 miles south of Kabul and located next to the Pakistan border. He is serving with the 405th Civil Affairs BN out of Utah attached to a Provincial... Read More »

David Mathew Egersdorf

David is the son of David and Karen Egersdorf of Twin Falls. David served two tours and is currently on his third tour in Iraq as a combat medic with the 25th ID out of Scofield Barracks in Hawaii. He... Read More »

SFC Rex E Hendrix II

Rex is from Jerome his mom and dad live in Ketchum. His wife is currently in Jerome while he is on his second deployment to Kuwait/ Iraq. He is deployed with the Joint Logistical Task Force 57 out of... Read More »

Edwin "Al" Armstrong

Joined Marines out of high school from Lubbock, Texas. Awarded purple heart, bronze star, sliver star, 6 good conduct medals, vietnam service medal with 'v' status. Also awarded 9 rifle marksmanship medals.... Read More »

Archie Attebury

Archie joined the Navy in 1989 and served in Desest storm and shield. He graduated from Kimberly in 1989.... Read More »

Staff SGT. Sterling Tyrell Roe

"Ty" attended school in Filer then graduated from Wendell and is now stationed in San Diego where he is an Advanced Combat Instructor. Roe received the 'Carlos Hathcock' award along with a trip to be honored... Read More »

Ed Freeman

Helicopter pilot, Major Ed Freeman, flew his unarmed Huey into to the battle zone during the Viet Nam War multiple times to supply troops and evacuate wounded personnel after the MediVac helicopters were... Read More »

CPT Martin J Lee

Captain Lee joined the Army at 18 and currently has 16 years of service under his belt. As an enlisted soldier Martin earned the title Army Ranger and was stationed at Ft Lewis WA where he deployed in... Read More »

Capt. Scott R. Link

In January of 2007, Captain Link deployed to Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan where he led a team tasked with standing up the new Craig Joint Theater Military Hospital. Shortly after Captain Link’s arrival,... Read More »

Tracy L. Morton

Tracy is the son of Jerry and Teddie Morton of Kimberly. Tracy served a tour in Iraq with the 118th and is currently stationed at Ft. Greely, Alaska. Tracy is a 2003 graduate of Kimberly High Schoo.... Read More »

Kia L. Scruggs

Kia L. Scruggs, daughter of Wayne and Sharon Scruggs of Twin Falls was recently promoted to Sgt. She is currently stationed in Ft. Bragg N.C., Charlie Co. 9th Psychological Operation Battalion 4th Psychological Operation Group. She recently returned from a 9 month tour in Afghanistan. Kia is a 2006 graduate of Twin Falls Senior High School. Read More »

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