Sean Vargas

Submitted by: Cali Trees ( Vargas


By Paul Johnson

Sean Vargas is a true town hero. When he married Jaclynn he also took on the task of raising her little brother who has downs syndrome. Justin was 8 when they took him to Moscow to live with them. Sean was in his second year at U of I. He never regretted their decision to take Justin into their home. He was there for Justin at all his school functions and was active in coaching his wrestling team. When Sean graduated from U of I he brought his family back to Jerome. He now has 4 children of his own. But he still considers Justin to be his own. Justin now 22 was diagnosed with leukimia last year. Sean spent 5 months at his bedside at St.Lukes in Boise. Most of that time Justin was in CCU. Sean is still taking Justin to receive his chemo in Boise at least three time a month. Sean started a My Hero long Board Co. and gives a portion of his profit to help other cancer victims. Sean does all this while he still works doing agricultural Research and raises his own children. Jaclynn and Sean are both amazing people.

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