Richard Rowe

Submitted by: Submitted by: Terry Rowe


My husband Richard Rowe, he and his fellow Navy Submarine Veterans do a lot for other Vets,
They take their float, which is a submarine, out to show the public and hope to generate more interest in submarine Veterans.
They have a submarine base here in the Magic Valley called the Trout Base and they have projects to help others in the community.
Rick started the base here so that veterans in the area could join and not have to travel long distances to have comradery with other
Submarine Veterans.

Rick keeps up the web site for the Diesel Fast Attack submarine organization as well as several of the boats in that group.
The DFS group is made up of the Harder, Darter, Trigger, Trout, Wahoo, Gudgeon and Tang submarines that were diesel subs.
Rick organizes, makes arrangements for the yearly reunions. He is a silent hero, just like those subs who run silent, run deep.
He visits veterans, stays in touch, and nothing is more memorable than the memorials given for those submarine veterans who
Have passed away and guard the deep, gentlemen rest your oars, the waters are guarded by those who have been lost at sea.

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