Tanner DeBoard & Taylor Thomas-DeBoard

Submitted by: Nicole ZeBarth


Tanner is my son. He graduated from Kimberly in May 2011 & left for basic training the following month traveling alone for the very first time ever. He graduated basic in November & was stationed in KS. He married his high school sweetheart of 4 yrs Taylor Thomas during his 1st leave on New Years Eve. She moved to KS with him until Tanner was deployed this month to Afghanistan. They are my heroes for being so brave & strong at such a young age & being best friends too each other during one of the hardest & scariest times of Tanner life. They are each others rocks. They will be spending all their majors holidays as a married couple apart this yr including Christmas & 1st Anniversary. I am so proud of Tanner for being so brave & putting his life on the line for all of us & for Taylor for being there for my son. They are both not only heroes to me but to their parents, siblings, family, & friends. Please keep Tanner in your thoughts & prayers for a safe return & for strength to calm her aching heart & nerves until her sweetheart returns home.

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