Destiny Nicole Bridge

Submitted by: Della Larson


By Paul Johnson

Destiny is my neice she is a 2nd grader at Gooding Elementry School. She is 7 years old. Yes even with her being only 7 she is still my HERO. You see Gooding Elementry School has been doing this thing that is called stomp out bulling, well Destiny has showed that she can do that really well. You see there is a little boy in Destinys Class that has special needs. He was being made fun of and didnt really have any friends but my 7 year old neice is always nice to him. She is so nice to him to the point that she would and will help him with his homework so he can get done with it. Its amazing to me that a 7 year old will get done with her assignment and then go and help someone else learn to do their own assignment. More kids need to learn from her and be kinder to other kids who they lable as diffrent. So with that She is my Hometown hero. Please chose her to be your Hometown Hero also.

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