Michelle Hall

Submitted by: alisha


Due to unfortunate circumstances my family and I were about to be homeless. We frantically searched for a new place to live and were coming up empty handed. We had a short period of time to come up with something, and at that point our car was about to be our only option. Until one day I was having a conversation with a fellow coworker and mentioned we were needing a place. He told me about the place he was renting and thought maybe there was an opening. He kindly contacted his landlord for me and in fact there was an opening! She was happy to show us the place right away. We fell in love with it. We began discussing the rent and again due to unfortunate events the price was a little more then we could afford at the moment. We filled her in on our situation. Explained that the previous place we had been in for only a month had gone into foreclosure. As we turned to leave to co tinue hunting, Mitchelle out of the goodness of her heart offered us the place knowing we had nothing to give her at the time. With such relief my partner broke down in tears. We couldn't thank her enough for what she has done for our family. She has done so much for so many people that she deserves to be honored. So many people just as us have been down and out and in our same situation and she's never hesitated to take them under her wing. And we want to say THANK YOU! If it wasn't for her I don't know where we would of ended up!!

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