Kent Parish


Kent just recemtly became the morning professor for the welding program at CSI. I m a first semester student,and I have to say, finding out the impact that he has had on the community has been astounding. No matter where I go, when I mention the program I am in, about 80% percent of the time whomever I am spealing with usually has met Kent, more often than not when he has traveled to their highschool. He has affected so may youth in the local area, that I can't wear the welding vest that I earned through our semester welding project auction without someone telling me how Kent has made their life better. He quietly goes along, visiting highschools, pointng students in whatever area of welding that they are most likely to succeed in. I've yet to hear anyone speak an ill word against him. When I spoke to him personally and mentioned the effect that he has had on the community, and the youth specifically, he seemed shocked to say the least. Look around town, if a sign, clock tower, or other structure had to be welded together, odds are he built it, or was a key component in getting it made. In addition to all of this, as a teacher, he told the entire first year class that we could call him 10 years in the future if we were stuck in the field, and that he would be our lifeline. I'm 32, and have only had one other boss who cares so much. Please don't mention my name if he gets nominated, I didn't do so well this semester, do to outside circumstances(even those he accomidated and helped where other teachers would not), and I wouldn't want him to think I'm hoping for favors, only, I truly am impresseed by the possitve effet that he has had on our community, and by how little he talks about just how much of this town he has helped to shape.

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