Earl Dutt


There is so much to tell the community about earl.He is always giving his time to help others.He is active in his church and teaches the youth along with the fuctions held at the church he is the first person to cook,clean make it enjoyable for all who attend.He is active in 4-H he is not a leader but he gives his time by hauling horses cleaning the arena and helping the children.He allows people to board horses at his farm with no charge along with feeding and watering caring for them.Now next he has a bussiness which he works full time at.Honestly i don't know where he finds the time or energy to give back to the community like he does.Earl also helps people get their trailers in working safe condition so others can haul there horses.The girl scouts are having a fuction and Earl is allowing them to use 2 of his horses for the event.The man just seems to continulsy give.He never expects anything in return he has the biggest heart and if any person is in need he is the first person to jump in and help.

I would like to tell the community about Earl Dutt who I adopted as my uncle(but he dosn't know it yet)I got to know Earl last year when I was invited to ride his pony Twister he took time out of his busy schedule to help me learn basic riding skills he made me feel like I was part of the family then I joined 4h and he let me use Twister as my 4h hors, he helped me in 4h,he taught me how to clean hoofes,put on a saddle and how to put a bridle in a hoarses mouth.And I am a little slow so it took sevral lessons to teach me.He would help me or anybody if they needed it and he dosn't expect anything in return.But his stomach is a hollow pit and I know he only weighs 140 Ibs. but I love this guy with all my heart he has a personality that is beyond belief i have realy come to trust him as if he were my own family infact I consister him family and that is why he is MY hometown hero and he could be yours.

Earl is a giving person who is willing to do anything for anybody if they simply ask. He does so much for me and his family. He gave me my first pony and he would take care of it, all I had to do was train it. He cares for all my horses and we never had to ask. He taught me simple riding skills and made me the the rider I am today. He is very teasing but has a heart of gold bigger than he is and never expect anything in return. He only expects food before he does his task.

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