Trinity McNutt


By Paul Johnson

I am a 2nd grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary. We have been participating in Rachel's Challenge this year, learning to show kindness to everyone around us. In addition to this, the 2nd graders just finished a reading unit on the theme of "Courage" and being a hero. Here is an email I got tonight from one of my student's grandparents:

I just wanted to let you know what a heroine Trinity is. She was riding her scooter around our trailer park this evening, and one of our elderly neighbors had fallen on his porch and was hollering for help. He has a very soft voice, and no one could hear him. She heard him and went over to try and help him up. She came and got me, and I got him into his house. He lives in the very last trailer at the dead end, and his porch has a 3 foot railing around it, so no one would have noticed him out there unless they happened to be walking by. I told her she was very brave and kind for helping our neighbor. She said that she learned at school how important it was to be kind and helpful. Good job Lincoln!

I think this truly makes Trinity a hometown hero!

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