Phil Dawson


Phil joined the marine corp AFTER his older brother was killed in Vietnam. He departed from the service and became a full time horse trainer/journeyman farrier and built a business in western Idaho. After going though a divorce and raising his two sons,Phil moved to the magic valley where he drove truck, worked construction, and did a small amount of horse training.

I married Phil in 2006; One of my goals was to ride cross country horse back by the time I was 50. When I met Phil, he was driving truck and I just happened to mention what my goal was at the time our paths crossed. One thing led to another and I ended up moving to ID and marrying Phil.

About a year and a half after we married Phil was diagnosed with cancer. He had surgery, that has, as far as I know, taken care of the cancer. (I cannot tell you for a fact that the surgery did all that it was supposed to.)

Since his surgery, he has attempted to assist other people with their horse training (breaking), but to no avail. As a result of all combined things, Phil has decided to "pay it forward"

He has developed a company in which children that are suffering from long term illnesses (such as organ transplants)can rec'v financial assistance for their medical expenses.

He has done this because...1. he loves children,
2. He understands horses
3.He has the experience of what health issues can do to a family and family is important!

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