Brian Higgins



Brian Higgins is incredibly generous with his time, compassion and respect for our community. He provides free clinics for moms, bully prevention and children not in his martial arts program. He inspires those of us in his martial arts program to make the community a better place by becoming action heroes. He has served his country and shares his respect and appreciation. Brian defines what a Hometown Hero should be. -Drs. Edward and Tonya Ford.

Brian Higgins, for helping kids build important skills to succeed in life. His is a long term commitment to them and their families. He sees their potential and works very hard to help them reach it. leadership, action heroes. He is always engaged in thinking up ideas to improve our community. Bully clinics, womans self defense, Halloween safety, food drives, candy trade ins for our soldiers. He is dedicated teacher and we are lucky to have him.

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